The Law Offices Of David Henry Schultz P.A.
The Law Offices Of David Henry Schultz P.A.
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“I needed a lawyer who would listen, care and defend. I was charged with two criminal offenses that could have seriously impacted the rest of my life. I had a lot to lose and needed someone that would take my case seriously and I could not have been any happier with my decision to hire Dave Schultz.” – Igor (actual client)

“I am super satisfied by his work and I will recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much, Dave.” – E.T.G. (actual client)

“One good thing that stands out about Dave is that he knows everyone and has good relationships with many judges, prosecutors, etc. In my case this helped out immensely.” – Allison (actual client)

“From the first conversation, I felt at ease. Dave is calm, cool and collected. He is always armed with a plan of attack with your best interest in mind. He often reviews what your expectations are and continues to exceed them. Thank you, Dave.” – Mary (actual client)

“I had the privilege of being referred to David by a fellow lawyer because I was told he was the best at dealing with my particular situation – DWI. What I found most beneficial was David’s ability to set realistic expectations. There were no antics or exaggerations; David was straight-forward and honest, and that was greatly appreciated.” – Marcus (actual client)

“Dave Schultz has been an outstanding advocate for my son. He was always professional and well-prepared in court. The most unique thing, however, was how Dave genuinely cared about him. After court, Dave would take time out to just check in with my son to see how he was doing. He would notice and encourage all of the hard work my son was doing to maintain his sobriety, celebrating milestones with him and being there for him legally when he relapsed.” – Laurie (mother of actual client)

“I was so impressed with my experience with Dave Schultz. Not just because he won my case and did justice, but he was very understanding and always kept me informed. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” – Heather (actual client)

“I can’t say enough good things about Dave. He is a great lawyer to work with – always professional, non-judgmental, trustworthy, punctual, and is just overall positive when you’re going through a hard time.” – Allie (actual client)

“I would certainly recommend David to anyone that happens to be in the same situation as I found myself. After a very poor decision on my part, it was the best decision I made.” – Marcus (actual client)

“I’m the VP of a financial institution and have worked with hundreds of attorneys throughout my 18 year career. Dave is the most professional yet personally attentive attorney I’ve ever worked with.” – N.S. (actual client)

“Dave’s kind and thoughtful manner when combined with his expertise were exemplary. My daughter and I would recommend him to any individual or family in need of legal services.” – Hamilton (actual client)

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