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Crafting A Customized Defense Against Drug Charges

Drug crimes encompass a range of charges. The penalties for drug crimes range in severity, from petty misdemeanor for crimes such as possessing drug paraphernalia to felony drug possession. Common drug cases include:

  • Possession of a controlled substance such as marijuana
  • Possession or sale of prescription drugs
  • Buying or selling a controlled substance

If you’re charged with a drug crime in Carver County or surrounding areas, it is important to hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Drug cases can be complicated and prosecutors may try and get you to take a plea deal as soon as possible. It is important to have a lawyer who knows your rights and will vigorously defend you on your side.

At the Law Offices of David Henry Schultz, P.A., we craft a defense based on your charges, and work to get your charges dismissed or your penalties reduced.

Understanding Drug Penalties

The penalties for drug crime are not always straightforward. Some crimes require minimum jail sentences. In some situations, you could be facing penalties beyond fines and jail time such as vehicle forfeiture. You may also qualify for diversion programs depending on the severity of your charges.

It’s important to understand the penalties you are facing for criminal charges. Even possession can be a serious offense punishable by long jail sentences. Penalties often increase with the amount of a substance in your possession.

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