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A charge for driving while intoxicated can mean different things to different people, depending on their individual situations. For first-time offenders in Minnesota, a DWI charge can mean as little as the loss of a drivers’ license, while, for repeat offenders, a DWI charge can mean jail time and heavy fines. At the Law Offices of David Henry Schultz, P.A., our attorney will help you understand your DWI charge, how a conviction could affect you and your options for a DWI defense. We work with clients in Chaska and throughout Carver County.

Factors That Can Affect Your Case

In the state of Minnesota, the possible consequences of DWI convictions vary depending on a variety of factors. For example, first-time offenders will face different consequences depending on the following:

  • Blood alcohol content: Drivers whose BAC is less than .16 percent will face less severe penalties than drivers whose BAC is more than .16 percent.
  • Presence of children: Drivers who have children in their cars when arrested will face harsher penalties than drivers who did not have children as passengers.
  • Breath test refusal: Drivers who refused to submit to a breath test requested by a law enforcement official will face an additional charge in conjunction with a DWI charge.

Similar factors come into play for those who are second-time offenders. However, for those who face charges for third, fourth or subsequent DWIs, the accused individual’s BAC no longer affects the possible penalties. In addition, while first, second and third DWI convictions are gross misdemeanors, fourth offenses are felonies.

Find Out How We Can Help You

If you face criminal charges for a DWI, you may find it beneficial to secure an experienced DWI lawyer as soon as possible after your drunk driving arrest, and attorney David Schultz is just such a lawyer. Mr. Schultz will explain your options and build a strategy to minimize the effects a DWI could have on your life. To learn more, call 612-444-9069 or email our office to schedule your free initial consultation at our law office in Carver.

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